Land/Sea Cargo Import

Global International Freight logistic being one of the professional team in understanding the export and import regulation in the entire world offers comprehensive customs clearance service for the process of shipments to all the countries and clear various customs related matters. We have been providing our clients with land/ sea export facility that can help them to enhance their business productivity. We place our experts in different trading procedures and international exports transportation who can give best advice that can help to export your products successfully. The land and sea are utilized for the purpose of carrying various products from one country to another. We possess various custom clearance, documentation, banking and authority procedures which give best proof and records for the successful exports of the goods.

We have a network that is scattered globally and offers door-to-door delivery services to the customers that save their time and money. Our company moves from the shipper’s door and takes an entire headache till the delivery to the final destination in one inclusive price ad one invoice. We have been smartly delivering different products from one part of the world to another. We provide advice and technical assistance that guarantee the safe delivery of the cargo at the entire satisfaction of our clients.

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